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Solar Power Fountain Garden

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Features : 
Enhance the beauty of your garden with the Solar Powered Fountain. No additional power source or batteries required. Change the nozzle heads for different water effects and place the Solar Powered Fountain in direct sunlight for best results. 
Highlights :
Solar powered, Runs automatically, no battery or electricity needed! Easy to install and use. Suitable for bird baths, fish tank, small pond, garden decoration, water circulation for oxygen. Easy cleaning; easy reallocation, no plugs required, small and compact. Multiple fountain heads for different water patterns.
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Economic :
 This fountain kit is an affordable and efficient pump that requires no electricity or batteries, as it runs on solar power alone! The solar-powered fountain comes with a few different heads that offer different types of water jets from the pump  
6 Different Water Style Sprayers :
6 different nozzles can meet your different needs for jet height or jet shape. The height can be adjusted by changing nozzles to avoid spilling out of the basin.You can easily change the spray head.
Automatic :
 Some heads offer more of a light shower, while others are a hard water jet that makes the water rise further than the others. The Solar Bird Bath Fountain consists of a highly efficient solar panel and a new brushless pump. It floats on the water and does not need electricity. Will run automatically when sunlight hits the solar panel. It is perfect for birdbath, aquarium, small pond, swimming pool, garden, patio, lawn, water circulation for oxygen, etc
Tips :
 Make sure you have put enough water in the fountain so that the pump can stay entirely under the water. You should clean the pump on regular basis to avoid the pump get blocked with dirt. The fountain works only when ALL panels are exposed to FULL, DIRECT sunlight. A leaf shading one panel keeps it from functioning. It does not store any energy.
Safety Protection :
This fountain can aerate the pool to increase the pH of water and keep water circulating to improve pond and fish life. We have now added a new feature “water-shortage protection function”, this will allow the fountain to do multiple-water measurement tests over a 20 second period, if the test detects a shortage of water, it will then automatically switch to protection
function after 20 seconds.
Note :
Kindly let the solar power fountain kit get full exposure to sunshine to work effectively, avoid shadow blocking the sunlight. For optimal performance, we suggest a sunny day with temperature at least 24°C / 75°F
Be sure to fill enough water in the bird bath and always keep the pump under the water surface
Change water from time to time to keep the fountain clean and to avoid any dirt from clogging up